A business club of like-minded entrepreneurs

We are on the same path if business for you is not just about money, but a way to creatively influence the world.

Over 3000 business leaders from 54 different industries.

We are not tied to one location—we are everywhere

Our goal is to unite entrepreneurs living in USA and other countries, helping each one achieve their maximum entrepreneurial potential through support and strict adherence to principles.

We are building the most eco-friendly online business club. 

Support for aspiring entrepreneurs

Networking around the world

Growth for small, medium, and large businesses

Foreign markets

Training, mentoring, masterminds

We are building the most eco-friendly online business club. 

You are on the right path with us if:

You value being part of a network of over 3000 residents across the world.

You already own a business that you are eager to develop, looking for opportunities to scale and optimize business processes.

You are planning to start your own business and are seeking a community of entrepreneurs ready to grow together.

You want to have “your people” in different cities and countries, wherever you travel.

You plan to expand beyond your region and dedicate time to personal development.

In search of scaling your business and optimizing business processes.

Resident Profile of XBRIDER CLUB:

We select members based on their values, business revenue, personal income, and age. However, the most important criteria are alignment with our values and a desire to grow together with us.

39 years

Average Age of Members



North America


70% Male

30% Female

92% Entrepreneurs

8% Exec

Revenue  +$200k/year


Revenue  +$500k/year


Revenue  +$1m/year


What do residents say about XBRIDER CLUB?

Supportive Community

Being part of this club has been a game-changer. The mix of workshops, mentorship, and peer advice has propelled my business to new heights. It’s an invaluable resource for anyone serious about business growth.


Amina Yusuf

Founder and CEO, Amina's Organics

Very Powerful

Joining this business club has been transformative for both my personal development and our company’s growth. The networking opportunities and expert advice available are unparalleled. It’s a community where leaders truly support each other.


Alexei Mironov

CEO, TechSolutions Inc.

Crucial for scaling

This business club is a powerhouse of networking and mentorship. The insights and connections I’ve gained have been crucial for scaling my business. The supportive environment encourages meaningful collaborations.

Darnell Johnson

CEO, Innovative Web Solutions

Business Growth x8

I was initially skeptical about the benefits of a business club, but this group has exceeded all my expectations. The focus on real, actionable guidance and the supportive nature of the community is exactly what I needed. It’s great to know I have reliable peers I can turn to.

Irina Sokolova

Co-Founder, HealthPath Diagnostics

My best decision

Joining the club was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my business. The focus on sustainable business practices and expansion strategies has been incredibly beneficial. The diversity of expertise in the club is outstanding.

Charles Omari

MD, EcoEnergy Solutions

XB Club is fantastic

This business club has been essential for connecting with other ambitious entrepreneurs and sharing strategies. The focus on innovative business practices has significantly influenced my approach to growth and sustainability in a competitive market.

Seán Murphy

Content Creator

Great Live Events

The community here is truly about lifting each other up. The sessions on optimizing business processes and innovation have been transformative for our operations. I appreciate the club’s commitment to fostering a collaborative atmosphere.

Kwame Nkrumah

Founder, NextGen Robotics

Membership Packages:


  • Access to all general club networking events
  • Participation in monthly webinars and workshops
  • Access to the club's online community and resource library
  • Opportunity to participate in club-wide challenges and competitions
  • 4 weekly online events with Experts
  • Monthly Q&A with Experts
  • Eligibility to apply as a speaker at club events, providing a platform to share your expertise and gain visibility for additional price
  • Club card cost: $70


  • All the benefits of the Standard Membership
  • Exclusive access to a focus group that acts as your personal board of directors, providing tailored advice and strategic insights on your business challenges
  • Priority booking and special discounts for special events and guest speaker sessions
  • Access to advanced training sessions and exclusive mastermind groups
  • A personal profile feature on the club’s website and newsletters
  • Exclusive access to Iryna Stasiuk’s team for direct Q&A sessions
  • Exclusive access to over 25 entrepreneurial courses from XBRIDER
  • Club card included at no additional cost in the Premium Membership

Frequently Asked Questions:

I am not an entrepreneur yet, but I plan to start a business. Can I join your club?

Our club is open to anyone whose values and spirit align with ours! We do not have formal criteria, but you must be 18+ years old and have a desire to grow together! In our club, a focus group is formed with a mentor who helps you in your development.

What's Inside the XBRIDER Club? What Issues Can I Address?

XBRIDER Club brings together exceptional entrepreneurs worldwide, offering direct access to each member to leverage collective experience, deepen social connections, and address business challenges. The club features a robust infrastructure including a personal manager, diverse monthly events, an interactive platform, and a chat system, all supported by an extensive educational content library to foster continuous learning and networking.

What does your club offer if I am an experienced entrepreneur?

The club consists of close and reliable entrepreneurs. You can discuss business issues and gain new insights for your development, and get energized for future victories.

What problems can your club help me solve?

The main asset is the people. We bring together entrepreneurs from various fields in one place. Here you can find: Contractors, employees, partners Search and attraction of financing, investments Exchange of experience in solving similar problems Finding company for leisure and socializing Building a social circle of entrepreneurs Support or advice from other entrepreneurs Monthly events in the club help you progress both in your business and in personal development, assist others, request help, and discuss pressing issues.

Difference Between the "Standard" and "Premium" Membership Plans?

The Standard Membership offers full access to our vibrant community, all events, and meetings, ideal for entrepreneurs seeking to connect with a powerful network. The Premium Plan builds on the Standard by adding a personal board of directors with 12 annual forum-group meetings and full platform access, perfect for those looking to deeply engage with their business and growth opportunities. Premium members also enjoy exclusive access to over 25 entrepreneurial courses from XBRIDER throughout their membership.

Which niches do the entrepreneurs in your club come from?

In our club, we have gathered entrepreneurs, top managers, and leaders from a large number of directions from e-commerce to closed government institutions, and with each day, our numbers grow.

We will explain how to start your own business, handle challenges, and not be afraid of making mistakes

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