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Expand Your Business and Lead the Market

Why Choose Us?

We transform your business into a franchise and assist you in its sale.

Franchise packaging completed in 90 days. 

Experience with over 50 niches

An international company with more than 1135 projects

Database of 30,000 individuals looking to buy your franchise.

Your Expected Profits:

from 5% monthly royalty (per branch)
 from $80,000 entry fee (per branch)


Every business should grow globally

Franchising is the path that allows you to expand your local business to a national scale in a short period of time. As a result, you will gain brand recognition, customer appreciation, acknowledgment in business circles, and high monthly profits. Successful franchising doesn’t require exhaustive knowledge and experience because we will take care of the franchise packaging and support for franchise partners.

"OUR MISSION - We foster a healthy and responsible business community by assisting entrepreneurs in developing their businesses through scaling tools. In our activities, we have been following the 5WIN strategy - "win-win-win-win-win" - for the past 13 years, where all project stakeholders benefit: our company and team, our clients, their future partners and end consumers, as well as the economy."
Stasiuk Iryna

Stasiuk Iryna - Founder

  • An entrepreneur and co-owner of several businesses: IT company, medical clinic, clothing manufacturing and retail, real estate.
  • An expert in business scaling and automation.
  • Recognized as industry leader for exceptional mentorship and contributions to the entrepreneurial community in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

We have the largest portal for investors and entrepreneurs with a reach of over 30,000 individuals.

In the past 3 years, we have successfully packaged more than 1135 projects, conducted over 1500 audits, and brought in over 600 new partners for our clients’ businesses! Leave an inquiry, and we can provide consultation on scaling your business through franchising.

We scale your business globally, to every continent through franchising.

Brand Registration, Trademark


Your brand will be registered in every country you are planning operations, ensuring its uniqueness and legal validity.

Business Process Description


You will receive fully documented business processes to efficiently manage your business.

Legal Protection, Agreements


We will create unique franchise agreements to ensure a secure partnership with your franchisees.

Uniqueness of Your Franchise


By acquiring the franchise, your partner will forever be devoted to your brand and business processes.

Turnkey Packaging


We will turnkey package your business into a franchise, leaving you with the task of monitoring your partners.

Brand Book - Your Brand's Rulebook


You will receive a fully equipped brand book with a developed corporate style and rules for its usage.

Franchise Book - Your Franchise Manual


You will receive a ready-to-use manual for your franchise, outlining all steps for opening and managing the business.

How We Package Franchise:

Initial Audit

We assess the suitability of your business for franchise expansion.

Franchise Strategy Development

Creating unique value propositions for your franchise, setting it apart from others, and establishing benefits for your future franchisees.

Contract Signing

We work with a contract, and a 50% advance payment is required. We detail guarantees and timelines.

Commencement of Work

Our team of specialists gets involved in the franchise production, including: Project Manager Marketing Expert Designer Financial Expert Legal Counsel Accountant Investment Analyst Head of Business Development Brand Manager

Packaging Process

Market Analysis Developing a Financial Plan Studying Competitors Analyzing the Target Audience Creating Brand Guidelines, encompassing brand, style, and design rules Developing a Franchise Manual, outlining business processes and rules for your partner-representatives in other cities Preparing documents for registering your trademark

Sales Launch

Creating a Presentation Business Plan Preparing a presentation for potential partners Developing the franchise website Designing marketing materials Promoting the franchise

Attracting New Franchise Partners

We conduct advertising campaigns to attract your initial franchise partners, and you can start working with them.

Over 1135 completed projects

We work with projects in various industries of any complexity, thoroughly analyzing all business processes, fully immersing ourselves.

Complimentary Consultation Across Various Areas

Register now for a complimentary assessment of your business model, ascertain your readiness for expansion, and receive expert recommendations from our team.

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