Automated Sales Funnel

We automate key business processes of customer acquisition, support, sales using chat bots and artificial intelligence.




Process orders, answer questions, send instructions, accept payments, etc.


We determine and predict user behavior during interaction with your product or service.


Allows you to see the entire auto funnel. It allows you to record conversions and decide where correction is required.

What will you get if you order a sales funnel from us:

An auto funnel in messengers (sales tunnel) is an automated system for working with client traffic. Reveals the qualities and value of the offered product or service (warm-up), which increases the likelihood of a purchase.

  • Automated system. We set up auto funnels that bring customers in automatic mode.
  • Useful content. We create a selling text and creatives that motivate customers to perform targeted actions.
  • Various channels. Targeted advertising, voice call, link in posts and the company’s website, e-mail distribution to the client base.
  • Sales pages. Each auto funnel, which you can order from our company, contains about 30 selling landings and trigger messages.
  • Content strategy. We develop a content marketing strategy, form a chain of messages, integrate with analytics systems.

🔮 Stages of creating an auto funnel:


🟪 Stage 1:

  1. Analytics. We define a niche, a target audience, its pains and benefits, segment it, prescribe a chain of offers and create a USP.
  2. Content. We create chains of touches for various targeted actions, find and prepare materials for articles and videos that will be useful and form understanding for the client.
  3. Chatbots. We create 5 chat bots in popular messengers for convenient interaction with customers.
  4. Copywriting. We write sales texts so that they not only inform about the product, but form an understanding and desire to buy it.

🟪 Stage 2:

  1. Construction of the skeleton. We prescribe algorithms and connections of touches with the client, set up a schedule for sending letters, prescribe each letter and add a picture.
  2. Setting up analytics. We create a unique link and a tool that is attached to each ad and target action so that you can track the effectiveness of the system.
  3. We create landings. We are working on the design and content of the pages that the client will land on from the auto funnel, with tools to complete the target action.
  4. Filling the funnel. In each letter that will come to the subscriber, we add active buttons to perform targeted actions.

🟪 Stage 3:

  1. Social media setup. We create pages in social networks, fill them with content and selling posts, set up campaigns, groups and ads, in which there are from 3 to 5 creatives and different versions of texts for testing.
  2. Launch ads. We launch the created ads, evaluate their relevance and effectiveness in attracting interested customers.
  3. Analysis of results. Within 5-7 days we evaluate the strategy.
  4. Optimization. Based on the analysis received, optimization of messages, landing pages, ad schedules is carried out.

🔮 Turnkey sales funnel price:

We offer you several tariff plans, in each of which the cost of creating and implementing an auto funnel depends on the strategy, the number of social networks and the specifics of the business.

Quick Launch


FROM $4800

🖌️ Strategic session (drawing up a portrait of the target audience, pains, needs, benefits, product matrix)
🖌️ Formation of USP and offers
Creating content chains
🖌️ Scripting behavior
🖌️ Collection and segmentation of subscribers
🖌️ Connecting 4 messengers
🖌️ 1 heating tunnel
🖌️ Connecting chatbots
🖌️ 5 lead generation tools
🖌️ 10 landing pages for useful content
🖌️ Payment system integration
🖌️ 2 types of targeted advertising (Facebook, Instagram, Stories, VK, YAN)



FROM $6400

🖌️ Tariff “Quick launch” +
🖌️ Email Funnel
🖌️ Whatsapp
🖌️ 10 additional landings
🖌️ Creating a Webinar or Autowebinar
🖌️ Content production – photo and text
🖌️ All types of targeted advertising



FROM $8500

🖌️ Tariff “Advanced” +
🖌️ Content Marketing Strategy
🖌️ Creating a project site
🖌️ Video content
🖌️ Implementation of CRM
🖌️ Retargeting auto funnel
🖌️ End-to-end marketing analytics

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More than 4500 businesses, entrepreneurs from Instagram stores and educational projects to large international companies selling B2B and B2C goods, services and services have become XBRIDER clients.


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