How to increase margins by 30%?


The young company “Alarm Metal” started its activity in May last year. The owner initially understood the need to form a commercial structure. He was also fully aware of the complexity involved in building an effective sales force. Therefore, the head of the sales department, Emil Khairullin, was trained under the XBRIDER program.

Emil Khairullin: “We had difficulties with hiring, adapting newcomers, training, monitoring the daily activities of managers, etc. I started looking for information on all these issues and eventually found XBRIDER trainings. After a little understanding, I realized that training would save me a lot of time. And, as it turned out, I was not mistaken.


Emil Khairullin: “I consider switching to another CRM system one of the most effective steps. After that, it somehow immediately became easier to conduct transactions and control the execution of tasks. The new tool was simpler and better suited to our business. Therefore, managers no longer needed to be forced to use CRM. They appreciated its convenience, simplicity and, most importantly, usefulness. In addition, to change something in the new system, you do not need to involve developers.
The head of the Alarm Metal sales department advises choosing CRM very seriously. According to him, there is no bad or good system. There is just the right one.
In particular, amoCRM, which is now implemented in the company, is used by 30%. Cards, notes and tasks are used. The execution of this functionality is regulated and controlled. Gradually, Alarm Metal learns to work with sales funnels for the current base.

Emil Khairullin: “We also changed the supplier of IP-telephony and integrated it into CRM. Previously, we did not have the opportunity to record employee conversations. In addition, the former operator extremely incorrectly reflected the statistics of the call. All this is unacceptable in sales.”