How to increase the number of customers 4 times and double the turnover?


The owner and director of the representative office of a well-known international brand in the field of professional cosmetics and training of beauty salon masters in the UAE, Dubai Dmitry Anashkin answered this question by talking about the implementation of CRM, scripts, reporting, planning and a new redistribution of functions in the sales department.

The company experienced an urgent need to set up a sales department. It was not possible to achieve stable growth. Even before training at XBRIDER, a serious problem of poor processing of incoming traffic was identified.

Dmitry Anashkin: “We lost even warm leads. And in large numbers. In this regard, they began to listen to calls and realized that they were talking to customers in such a way that they would never return.”

According to Anashkin, it became obvious that literally everything needed to be changed. And XBRIDER acted as a qualified mentor in the field of theory and practice of business processes. Already during the training, they began to introduce new automation tools: CRM, IP-telephony, social networks with their subsequent integration into the overall system. Today, all incoming applications are processed by 1 person instead of 2. And this is done with a much higher conversion rate than before.

Dmitry Anashkin: “We killed 2 birds with one stone – we cut costs and increased income.”


The company had quite serious difficulties with the technology of conversation with the calling client. Omissions of obligatory stages of sales were fixed. In particular, no needs were identified.

Dmitry Anashkin: “We started writing scripts. But in this case, again, you need to remember that the scripts themselves, without integration with CRM, will not fundamentally change the situation.”

CRM allows you to see the card of the caller and immediately display all the information about him on the screen: the courses that he has already taken, what he was interested in, what he wrote on Instagram, in which action he took part. When you own all this information, the script is not corrected blindly. In the end, you can achieve the desired reaction from the client.

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